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I'm pregnant and want to capture my beautiful bump, what is the best time to do this?

Congratulations! The best time would be between week 30 and week 35 of your pregnancy, during these weeks you will have a beautiful bump. After week 35 there is an increased chance that you will give birth before we have had the posing session. If you are pregnant with twins, I would recommend to book the Milestonable posing session between week 28 and week 33, for the same reason as above, after week 33 there is an increased chance that you will give birth before we captured your beautiful bump.

Do I need to book a session far in advance?

Our recommendation is to book the Milestonable scanning session as soon you know the date to avoid disappointment when the date has been booked by someone else. We have our calender open on the ‘book me in’ page, that is where you can see what dates are still available.

Where will the posing session take place?

The posing session will take place at the studio in Soho at 11 Moor Street, W1D 5NF in London. This location is very easy to reach when you plan to travel by train and/or tube – a few minutes from Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus station. 

How long does a posing session take?

Most posing sessions take about an hour; we will have a look at the example sculptures, explain how the posing works and we will try poses that you love. 

How long do I have to pose?

Each scan that will be taken of you will take about 2 minutes. After the scan you can relax and we can have a look into a different pose if you want to.

Do I have to know the pose I want before we meet?

No, we will have a look at various example poses together plus you can try multiple poses to see which one feels as best option for your sculpture. You can have a look for some examples on this website or on our instagram page.

What do I wear during a posing session?

It is entirely up to you what you wear while posing for your sculpture – if you wish to have a very natural silhouette I suggest to opt for seamless underwear, preferably a thong. You are also free to not wear underwear at all if you feel comfortable to do so. I will have a dressing gown for you to wear before, after and in between poses.

Can I bring a friend or my partner to a posing session?

Yes, everyone is welcome as long as you feel comfortable during the session.

I want to give my wife, friend, mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter a personal sculpture of herself, can I book it for her?

Yes you can book it at the page ‘book me in’, please let me know if it is a gift so I come prepared. If you don’t have a date yet that the Milestonable scanning session can take place you can send me an email (hello@milestonable.com) and I will create a beautiful voucher for you.

Do you also create sculptures of women who are not pregnant?

Yes of course, all female bodies are beautiful and worth capturing!

When can I expect to receive my personal sculpture?

From our experience we know it is extra special if you receive your sculpture after you gave birth. We will send you your sculpture usually between 3 and 4 months after our posing session and I received your sculpture preferences.

Yes, I want to see myself in 3D

Want to have such a powerful, elegant sculpture of yourself? Make your appointment in the link below, we are looking forward to meet you, hear your story and create your own trophy.


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