About us



Charlotte is the founder of Milestonable. She started it in spring 2022 when she was very pregnant herself. After multiple cycles of IVF she wanted to celebrate every single inch of her pregnancy, including creating a lovely memory. A memory to be proud of. And that is when the first steps were made towards Milestonable.


Next to celebrating her own pregnancies, Charlotte had another reason of why she wanted to capture women’s bodies in sculptures.


Charlotte knows first hand how fast your body can change: in two years time she went from running multiple marathons a year to being bed bound recovering from a brain haemorrhage to fertility treatment to being pregnant. It was physically quite a rollercoaster and this changed her body heavily. Instead of thinking in ‘what if’ situations, she decided to appreciate what her body has done for her, celebrate the experience and focus on the positives.


She really hopes to help other women celebrate their physical journey by showing their bodies as a piece of art. To remember to be proud.


 Carly joined Milestonable in October 2023. She is a mum of two young boys and lives in Essex. She developed a passion for photography during three years spent living in the Netherlands, where her youngest son was born. Carly also has a strong enthusiasme for exercise, a vital part of her pursuit of a balanced, active lifestyle.


She looks forward to meeting strong, powerful women and capturing the perfect keepsake


Carly welcomes you in the studio on Thursdays


Amelia joined Milestonable in November 2023. She recently moved back to the UK when she found out she was expecting a little boy after living in Australia for 5 years. In Australia Amelia was teaching reformer pilates and she loves working with all different women and being part of their individual journeys.


 “I believe the female body deserve to be celebrated. Our bodies change so much through our lives, especially whilst pregnant, and to have such a special memento to remember in years later, I think is incredible”


You will meet Amelia in the studio on Fridays and Saturdays

Want to have such a powerful, elegant sculpture of yourself? Make your appointment in the link below, I am looking forward to meet you and create your perfect memento.


Your body, your sculpture